Baby, Dance, and Me (18 months - 2yrs) 30min

This class fosters the child’s development through the universal language of dance and music. The class promotes bonding through movement, giving parents another form of communication with their toddler.

Creative movement (Ages: 2 - 3yrs) 45min
Your child's classroom skills and movement are through music, dance, and creative play using different props such as balls, hula hoops, streamers, and musical instruments. Kids are taught classroom behavior while becoming independent, well-adjusted students.

Ballet/Tap Fusion 1 (Ages: 3 - 5yrs) 45min
A hybrid of ballet, tap, and jazz, this class introduces students to the basic rules, rhythms, and steps of these styles of dance.

Ballet/Tap Fusion 2 (Ages: 5 - 6yrs) 60min
Great class to prepare students for future class concentration in ballet, tap, or jazz. Student will experience first-time barre encounters, where students can expand upon their previously gained knowledge in Ballet/Tap/Jazz Fusion 1.

Ballet Basics (Ages: 4 - 7yrs - 45min)
Basic principles of classical ballet with a focus on posture and the etiquette of the dance. Students who have never taken ballet before will need to complete of a minimum three (3) Ballet Basics classes before signing up for Ballet 1.

Ballet 1 (Ages: 6 - 9yrs) 60min
This class is for students who have previously completed the Ballet/Tap/Jazz Fusion classes and Ballet Basics classes. This class requires background/core knowledge of classic ballet principles.

Ballet 2 (Ages: 8 - 13yrs) 60min
This class level is for students who are progressing ballet dancers and are considering taking two (2) classes per week to improve their skills in order to advance a level.

Ballet 3 (Ages: 13yrs+) 90min

This class level is for advanced students who are taking a minimum of two (2) ballet classes per week.

Jazz 1 (Ages: 7 - 11yrs) 60min
Beginner level Jazz dance. Students are introduced to the principles of Jazz vocabulary, steps, music, and rhythm.

Jazz 2 (Ages: 10 - 13yrs) 60min
Beginner/intermediate level of Jazz dance. Students in this level must have basic knowledge of Jazz vocabulary, steps, and rhythm. Students must complete Jazz 1 in order to sign up.

Jazz 3 (Ages: 13 - 18yrs+) 60min
Advanced level of Jazz requires high knowledge of Jazz dance principles. It is a continuing dancing class. In order for students to enter this level, they must complete Jazz Level 1 & 2.

Tap 1 (Ages: 8 - 14yrs) 60min
Beginner level. Level 1 Tap is a class for students who have completed Ballet/Tap/Jazz Fusion Level 1 & 2.

Tap 2 (Ages: 8 - 16yrs) 60min
Intermediate level. This level is for students who have taken tap classes for two (2) years. LCFA will honor a student's previous training from another school/studio.

Tap 3 (Ages: 10 - 17yrs) 60min

Advanced level. This level is for students who have successfully completed Tap 2.

Hip-Hop 1 (5 - 9yrs) 60min
Beginner level. This class teaches the basic genre of hip-hop, its steps, and rules. Students must complete Ballet/Tap/Jazz Fusion Level 1 & 2.

Hip-Hop 2 (8 - 14yrs) 60min
Intermediate level. Students in this level have transitioned from Hip-Hop 1 and are continuing to learn more about the dance.

Hip-Hop 3 (9 - 16yrs) 60min

This level is for more advanced students who have completed all previous levels of hip-hop and are deepening their knowledge of this style of dance.Dance Fitness (Adults) 60 minThis class includes cardio, strength training (lean muscle building), stretching, barre and weights. Come ENJOY working out with fun music and dance inspired movements!



30 minute class | $45.00 month
45 minute class | $80.00 month
60 minute class | $90.00 month
90 minute class | $135.00 month

30 minute class | $15.00 per class
45-60 minute class | $25.00 per class
90 minute class |$30.00 per class

Dance Class Descriptions