Baby, Music, and Me (Ages 9-24 Months):
By their very developmental nature, infants are sponges, taking in everything in their environment such as the building blocks of language, facial expressions, and coordination of their bodies as a whole. Understanding this fundamental part of child development, Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts began “Baby, Music and Me” classes to help foster this development through the universal language of music. We also aim to make the classes a bonding experience for parent(s) and baby.

Baby Bach (Ages 2-3yrs):

By their very developmental nature, infants brains are like sponges, taking in everything in their environment such as the building blocks of language, facial expressions, and coordination of their bodies as a whole. Research shows that musical training creates new pathways in the brain of babies and toddlers.

Baby Bach classes are bonding experience for parents and babies. We teach rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, and action songs with instruments. Through universal language of music parents learn another form of communication with their babies.

Little Mozart (Ages 4-6yrs):

Lakewood Conservatory of Fine Arts wants to provide a fun and enriching environment for your child's first experience with music. The Little Mozart Class gives young children the opportunity to learn fundamental musical concepts, explore sounds of music from around the world, and experience REAL music instruments. Some of the instruments the students will explore include the piano, cello, violin, harp, xylophone, and percussion. Each weekly class is 45 minutes long, and the children spend time singing, dancing, playing instruments, and making crafts. This class is designed for children ages 3 to 5. Not only does LCFA provide a fun learning environment, but we also strive to help children grow socially.

Group Guitar (2 class options- Ages 5+)

Greg Ray our group guitar Instructor has been teaching students of all ages in Dallas for 25 years. These classes will be fun and exciting. Students will be able to play a song from the first lesson and will learn the fundamentals of guitar including proper technique, chords and melody. Sign up now for a fantastic experience in music!

LCFA orchestral program provides students from kindergarten through 12th grade with an unparalleled music experience! Students are exposed to orchestral literature at the earliest of ages and are able to grow through a comprehensive program. Students are given the chance to perform in many of community performance venues.LCFA Chamber Orchestra focuses on teaching the basics of reading music and playing in an ensemble setting. The enrollment is kept smaller to facilitate a closer teacher and student relationship. Conductor stresses concepts such as recognition of pitch, rhythmic accuracy, and basic ensemble skills. WE ARE CURRENTLY TAKING NAMES DOWN FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS

LCFA Choir provides high quality singing instructions. It offers children the opportunity to study and perform traditional and experimental forms of choral music.
Please call 214-843-2060 or email: to add your name to the list.

Group Music Class Descriptions

Summer Semester

(June 4 - July 28)

Fall Semester 

(August 25 - December 21)