All camps are educationally based and structured to mirror our regular music, dance, theater, art and music theory classes. There will be a snack provided during each camp (you are more than welcome to send addition packed food with your child). Please contact us if your child has any food allergies or additional needs. 

NEW YEAR CAMP-2019/2020

($10.00 registration fee)


´╗┐Please pack your student with a lunch and water bottle.

All camps are structured to mirror our regular conservatory classes in dance and music, with addition activities such as crafts, reading, and games.

All camps are non-refundable.

All camps have a $10.00 enrollment fee.

Please let us know if your child has any type of medical needs or allergies.

A whole week of FUN activities, reading, puzzle solving, music and dance parties!

Bring water bottle, clothes easy to move in, and a packed lunch.

**Please notify us of the people authorized to pick up and drop off your child - BEFORE the camp.  Please have your ID ready to check in and pick up your student. We request this for maximum security for your students!**